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About Psychotherapy


There can be many reasons for seeking therapy. The issues that people bring are unlimited; it could be something specific that has brought you on this search or it could be a general sense of dissatisfaction with your life. Whatever your reason for entering therapy my intention is to welcome you from that place and make the unbearable feel more manageable.

Psychotherapy is a talking therapy, similar to counselling. The latter may focus more on a specific issue and, therefore, maybe more short-term and goal-oriented. Psychotherapy, on the other hand, tends to be longer-term work, exploring deep-rooted issues and patterns of relating with the intention of enabling a deeper self-awareness and establishment of lasting change. I am particularly interested in relationship; with self; with other; both now and historically; ‘in here’ and ‘out there’. The cultivation of our relationship over time is, for me, the key therapeutic tool, to gaining insight into your relationships in the wider context.

My sense is that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is essential to the success the client experiences in breaking free from some of the limitations imposed on them by their past relationships.

Areas for which psychotherapy can help include:
Low mood and depression
Bereavement and loss
Low-self esteem
Relationship issues
Isolation and loneliness
Feelings of not belonging
Family difficulties
Post-natal depression
Physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse

My intention is provide a safe, collaborative and non-judgemental space to which you can bring complex and difficult feelings. My aim is to increase your capacity for self-awareness and self-acceptance from which change can occur.

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